SOFWERX Interning Week 10

July 25th – 28th

This was my final week at SWX. While I’m sad to leave, I’m glad I made the friends and connections I did and I’m excited to see what comes in the future.

Tasks I worked on: create VASP patch design, create visual for Eyefluence glasses, clean out storage, upload important work for future use, order more EASI-Imp patches.


SOFWERX Interning Week 9

July 18th – 21st

Sometimes adults can act just like teenagers. When we were given feedback from a recent event, one individual put “some participants hogged the mic the whole time”. Sounds just like high school.

Tasks I worked on: create Pecha Kucha presentation, create invitation, set up folders for event, start creating a VASP patch design, update our Welcome Packet, create map of facility, create acronyms list.

SOFWERX Interning Week 8

July 11th – 14th

First impressions are sometimes very important. When interviewing for a new position make sure you are dressed appropriately  and present yourself positively.

…Also don’t wear your sunglasses on your head the whole time.

Tasks I worked on: scanning and sorting bills, adjust EASI-Imp patch, order patches, learn MailChimp, make name badges, organize cords.

SOFWERX Interning Week 5

June 20th – 23rd

As a person with pretty difficult anxiety, I’ve found that I don’t hate mundane, organizational office work. I find copying bills, filling in excel sheets, making names tags, etc. kinda of relaxing. With tasks I know I can’t mess up, I feel less pressure and am usually more efficient with them.  They keep my stressing  mind occupied without cluttering it further.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy projects that use my areas of skill and creativity, but I don’t mind helping out with the simpler things.

“Half the people you meet are less than average.”  -My Boss

Tasks I took on: created layout of office space, research women in African cities for Coquette Anomaly, created vignette and summary slides for FOSOV project, designed company pen, created over 180 names badges for event, organized and noted supply inventory, created event invitations.